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#EndersbysHeroes by 

Small business with a

BIG impact mission

Endersby Productions has been proudly providing high quality media services both Photography & Videography to the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 2010. In 2013, we started our disability giveback mission with "Go Blue in the Texas Bluebonnets," for Autism Acceptance & Awareness.

In 2019, we transitioned to what we now call our #EndersbysHeroes through transforming individuals: both children and adults with disabilities AND their siblings into their favorite Hero. 


"My children were photographed for #endersbyheroes. We were met with a professional, friendly atmosphere and it was truly a pleasure from beginning to end. Our photos are perfect and will be treasured for years to come. I cannot recommend a better company for all your photo needs."


- Chasaty / DanielSauraus Wrecks Your Heart 

Forever Hero Thor Daniel 




From Disney Photography 

to Endersby Productions


Hello! We are Scott & Nicole. We met back in 2004 while working at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Scott left Disney as a Photographer and Nicole left as a Retail Guest Service Manager. We started our adventure in Texas in 2008. 


In 2010, we decided to start our Photography business known as Endersby Productions. Outside of our small business, we started our giveback mission in 2013 for the disability community, now known as our #EndersbysHeroes. We are a small business with a BIG mission. 


We personally are an Autism} Neurodivergent family. Our hope is that one day we do not have to protest for the rights of acceptance and inclusion, it will just be the everyday way of life.


#EndersbysHeroes NOMINATIONS
Made Through the CONTACT Booking below.

Our Studio is

Accessible & Inclusive for ALL

of our clients. 

Studio Photography: By Appointment
Sundays - CLOSED / 
Only available 

for #EndersbysHeroes

Based in
DFW, Texas

Serving Worldwide


Have a Hero with a disability or terminal illness in mind?

Please nominate a Hero for a possible Hero Campaign in the comments below. The Accepted nominations are for the Hero with a disability as well as their siblings. Each Hero gets 1 keepsake image and a new unused costume (as we are able to). You may nominate your own Hero or someone that you know.  Please understand we do the best we can to accommodate requests

Outside of DFW, we will be shipping the costumes to the families. Once costumes received, we will have the families take photos as we are on a social meeting with them. We will guide them for what Scott needs with poses and to "meet the family." The family will then upload the images through email where Scott will create each Hero image. 

Each Hero family will have a community crowdfunding campaign to reach a set goal. If a Hero has excess funds in their goals, those funds will go to our Forever Heroes, which are those with a terminal illness or that have already passed on. Families personally reach out to us for these memory images.  


 Endersby Productions is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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